Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pregnancy Weeks 9-13

During these weeks of my pregnancy I was still experiencing major morning sickness...but it was lasting all day long. I did, thankfully, have more energy...but wasn't sure if that was because I was getting closer to the second trimester or if my thyroid medicine was helping me out. My headaches were becoming unbearable. My OB thought it was best that I go and see a neurologist. I was annoyed at having to go to yet another dr., but was looking forward to not having 3-5 migraines a week.
By 11 weeks or so I was REALLY having trouble wearing any non maternity clothes. The Belly Band helped a lot, but wasn't too comfortable for all day wear. I was shocked that I was needing maternity shirts so early. I really thought pants would be the first thing I needed, but found I needed to extra length that maternity tops gave to hide how I was keeping my pants up!
During this time we had Thanksgiving and Christmas. The hardest part about these holidays was not being able to really enjoy eating some of my favorite foods.
On Thanksgiving I ended up in bed for a few hours after lunch, but thankfully my sister Emily, who was also expecting, was there to help me along with Brendan. Around this time cranberry juice became one of my favorites. ;D
Thanksgiving 2009

Week 12 and my 26th birthday

During our Christmas travels I did pretty well. My stomach didn't like I-65 through Birmingham too much, but I managed. As long as I could stay cool I did ok. I was still having trouble stomaching sweets so I had to be content with very small amounts of super plain desserts like pound cake. Salty things were still my top pick. Besides cranberry juice I was also able to keep water down, but it had to have lemon in it. I was happy that I could handle a small amount of chicory and coffee (decaf or course!) Wasn't making it at home for myself, but wouldn't decline my sweet sister or mother-in-law if that offered it. Both were sweet enough to order it since you can't purchase it anywhere here.
Christmas 2009
Pregnant Sisters :)

Christmas Eve 2009
Chances' Annual Finger Food Feast :)

The last of my first trimester was spent at Exposure (a youth camp Brendan helps put on every December 27-30th in Huntsville). It's always such an uplifting event and this year was no exception. We got to visit with a lot of our close friends who we don't get to see often. My energy and headaches did ok. I did overdo it one day and certainly paid for it the next. Besides having to turn in much earlier than everyone else I would say the week was great!

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