Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pregnancy Week 38

Sunday I was able to go to our evening service.  Brendan was preaching and did a great job.  Our week at camp had started earlier that day so there weren't a lot of people at worship (they were at camp!).  However, I was able to visit with some great brothers and sisters.  Little Danielle was so excited to know that Katie Brooke could be here so soon.  Now, earlier this day we had some troubling news.  The car seat that we had planned on using (given to us by a family at church) wasn't going to work in either of our cars.  The base just wasn't safe enough for our little Katie Brooke.  We had a police officer at church even take a look at it.  So...we had planned to head to Dothan first thing Monday morning to buy a car seat/stroller that would be safe.
After spending TONS of time researching what car seat is the safest in our car (yes, there really is a website that tells you) we headed to Our New Baby Monday morning.  We were in and out of there in less than 30 mins with a stroller that they assembled for free!  After about 15 minutes the car seat base was installed and we sighed a big sigh of relief!
We had another early morning Tuesday with my OB appointment at 8:45.  This day ended up being a VERY long day for us.  You can see my previous post to get the details.  Long story short, by the end of the afternoon we had an induction date for the upcoming Sunday and Monday.  We are going in Sunday night to get things started with Cervidal and then Poticin Monday morning.
Wednesday is was able to go and get a pedicure seeing that I hadn't been able to do my own for a while. :) 
Thursday was my last "girls day" with my own little girl.  I met up with some friends for lunch at one of my favorite "girly" places to eat.  Afterwards I was REALLY hoping to find a table to sit beside the rocker in the nursery.  I did stretch myself a bit, but after running in Big Lots and Burks Outlet I found a great table at Fred's.  It was already assembled and it was the last one.  There are two little places where the paint was gone, so I was able to get it for $25, ten dollars less than the manager first told me!  I was so happy and knew Brendan would be happy because he wouldn't have to put it together.  Later on that evening Mandi came over to bring supper and keep me company since Brendan was staying out at camp all afternoon and evening.  After we ate, she and I (mostly she) did a few things in the nursery.  We hung the mobile (so happy with), put some pictures on the wall, and set up the new table.  I'm so pleased with the way the nursery turned out.  There are a few details still left to do: hang a mirror on the chifrobe door, hang a monogram Mandi is painting, hang a cross stitch my mom is working on, and hang another cross stitch my Grandma Jo is working on.  I'm so excited to have such a great room for Katie Brooke.
Friday I laid around a bit so I would have enough energy to go out on our last official date before Katie Brooke arrives.  We were planning to go to dinner and see Toy Story 3.  Before we did either of those, we went by Dr. T.'s office to pick up our papers for our induction.  Once we left there we went to Chili's.  Don't ask me why, but I was wanting it.  We got there pretty early, but for some reason the waitress wanted to seat us in a certain booth.  Well...this 9 months pregnant gal wouldn't fit!  Thankfully I was able to laugh it off and she moved us to a table with chairs.  After that we headed back to Enterprise to watch Toy Story 3.  I held up okay, but was EXTREMELY hot so I did swell a bit.  Thankfully we got there early enough to get end seats of a short row and didn't have anyone else next to us.  The movie was adorable.  I even cried a few times.  Some of which I know was pregnant emotions, but I still think I would have teared up not being pregnant; I'm such a softy.
Today (Saturday) has been a laid back one.  I was able to sleep till about 7 after getting up for a bathroom run around 4.  Like lots of recent days I nap practically all day long.  I definitely become better at napping and hope I continue to be once KB is here.  I did the last of our laundry so we won't have to be concerned about it when we come home.  And Brendan did a run to the grocery store for some things that should be useful when we come home.  He was also sweet enough to bring dinner home- some Mexican :)  (It doesn't hurt to try some at home induction things, does it?)

Seeing that this was my last full week of being pregnant I want to remember a few other details to share with Katie Brooke. goes:

My sleeping has been interesting to say the least.  Some days I'm able to sleep till 7 or even 9, while others I'm up before 6.  Bathroom trips aren't always a must, but if they are it's between 3:30 and 4:30 am.  Audrey (who sleeps in her crate in the laundry room) is getting better about not crying to be let out as soon as she hears one of us.  I'm sure we'll have some adjusting to do once KB gets here, but I'm hopeful Audrey doesn't take too long to realize we are getting up for the baby and not for her.  We shall see! 

I've still been wanting to eat tons of fruit.  I can finish a pound of strawberries in just a few days.  I've also been known to eat as many as 3 bananas in a day!
I've tried to do better about my sodium intake since being on bed rest and have done pretty good.  The negative side of this is that there aren't too many snack foods that aren't sweets and have lower amounts of sodium. 

Well, guess I've been rambling enough.  Our next post should be about little miss Katie Brooke's arrival. 
Till then...thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

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