Saturday, November 21, 2009

Getting Our Due Date!

Only one week had passed since I had gotten a positive pregnancy test. At our first dr. appointment the wrote a due date down...but I knew it wasn't even worth remembering or sharing. This past Wednesday we had an ultrasound scheduled before our appointment with the dr. to get a more accurate due date. I was thinking I would be told I was 4-6 weeks pregnant. So I was TOTALLY shocked to hear what I though was a heart beat and more shocked to be told that in fact we were hearing our baby's heart beat. The tech. went on to tell me that I was already 8 weeks 3 days pregnant! I COULDN'T believe it. I had only been taking my thyroid med. for 4 weeks as this point. Needless to say I was wrong in my negative mindset about becoming parents anytime soon and was quickly reminded that with God all things are possible. At that point we were official given a June 27th, 2010 due date!

We had a lot of fun calling all our loved ones and letting them know our big news. We grabbed dinner to eat while we drove back to Enterprise for Bible study. Telling our church family was a lot of fun. I was able to grab a few of my close friends to personally tell, Brendan told the youth group while he was doing the announcements in class, and everyone else found out thanks to Mr. Keith who informed the church family before our devo. time that even though he wasn't allowed to announce anything...he did want people to know that Brendan and I had been studying Gen. and had taken to heart God's command to be fruitful and multiply. (You can imagine how red Brendan and I both turned!)

Telling Our Loved Ones

Without having a due date I wasn't wanting to tell people about our surprise. However, the Saturday after we got the positive answer on Friday we were already scheduled to see Brendan's parents. We had also decided to take Audrey. The Chance's were going to keep Audrey while we were at Faulkner's Homecoming football game in the afternoon then we were all going to watch the AU vs. GA football game that evening before coming home.
To tell the new grandparents-to-be we decided Audrey needed to wear a "Big Sister" t-shirt. We looked around at a few stores, but quickly realized we should just make one ourselves. So...Friday evening I made this:

Audrey loved it. She was so excited about going to see everyone on Saturday you'd think she knew what her shirt said!

When we got to Prattville she quickly ran inside to find her friend Dudley. Mrs. Charmaine and Mr. Bob weren't surprised to see her in a t-shirt...they were just surprised to see it wasn't an Auburn t-shirt! (Audrey usually sports those on game days.) It took them a few seconds to read what it said, but they all Mrs. Charmaine kept doing was looking at us and say "Huh? What? Really?" (or something like that) It was priceless!

I hated to tell them, especially Mrs. Charmaine, that we needed them to not tell anyone until at least Wednesday evening. I felt so bad! I knew it was going to be hard...but I REALLY appreciated her keeping our secret. :)

After spilling our exciting news to them we headed to Faulkner's Homecoming football game. We had a good time...but it was a bit harder not to tell anyone our big news :) Here are some pictures from our time there (including pics of some of our College Ave. youth kids on Homecoming Court!) Congrats to Leeann and Tyler who were crowned Homecoming Queen and King!

Our First Appointment

After getting a positive pregnancy test Wednesday, November 11th Brendan and I had an appointment set for the following Friday to find out if in fact we were pregnant. I was able to leave work at 2:00 to meet up with him so we could get to our 3:00 appointment. After a really quick wait we were taken back and told that we were pregnant! I still was a bit stunned. Before we left we made an appointment for the following Wednesday, Nov. 18th for an ultrasound so we could get a due date. Once we left our appointment we ran by Kohl's and Michael's before having a yummy "we're pregnant" dinner date.

And here's a side note for you...

Without a definite due date I REALLY didn't want to tell people, but wouldn't you know that while I was sitting in the lab's waiting area a co-worker walked out and saw me?!? She was there finding out what her baby is. After telling her hi and to quickly tell her that she wasn't seeing me there (if you know what I mean). :)


Lately things have been quite interesting in our home. After a dr. visit and some blood work at the end of Sept. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. With this diagnoses I had mixed emotions. I was glad to know why I had been feeling so run down, why I couldn't loose weight, why I seemed to be shedding more hair than normal, and why my skin was acting like it was the dead of winter...but I was also really sad with the feeling that we weren't going to be parents for a while. I started my thyroid medicine the Wednesday after Fall break and hoped for some relief. However, by the start of November I was REALLY getting frustrated. Instead of feeling better I was just having more trouble like nausea all day long. When I called the dr. he just prescribed some anti-nausea med. and told me to give my thyroid medicine till the beginning of Dec. (6 weeks after starting it). He said that he would check my levels then and change my dosage if need be.
Well, the nausea continued and people started wondering...could I be pregnant? People would ask and I would just say..."I can't be. It's impossible with my thyroid messed up." I firmly believed that. I had even cried over the thought of not being able to become a mom for a long while. Well...then came Veteran's Day.
On Veteran's Day I was home from work. By 11am I was cleaning out from under the sink and found one last at-home pregnancy test. My thought was, "I don't want this thing in our house, but I don't want to just throw it away." So...I took it. I sat it down and started doing something else. Then...when I picked it up it said..."Pregnant". My reaction was "What?!?!" I COULDN'T believe it...didn't believe it. Somehow this thing was wrong. Later that day I made a call to the dr. and left a message for the nurse to call me back. A few hours later the nurse called back. I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing, told Brendan not to answer it, grabbed the phone, and toke the call into our bathroom (with both our bedroom and bathroom door closed). When I was done hearing the nurse say, "Why couldn't it be possible?" and after making an appointment to check and see for the following Friday I walked back into the living room. When Brendan asked me who had called...I couldn't help but smile. I then proceeded to tell him that we had a positive pregnancy test. Hey grinned and wrapped his arms around me.