Saturday, May 2, 2009

Poor Camera

I had you a few weeks ago. You did your job at Mookie and Mariah's wedding and at John's scholarship signing. Boy, I wish I had downloaded those pictures!

I even had you ready to go for the field trip to the Fun Factory. You were in my purse on the way there, with a co-worker while I was skating with the kids, but then...where did you go? Did I leave you on the counter? They say no. Later in the week I THINK I had you on my desk. Surly a student didn't get you! I hate to say it but, I'm afraid...I left you on the bus :( I called the service center and talked with Ron hoping someone had turned you in. He says he'll see what he can find out...not to lose hope. He even tells me that they just had a cell phone who was lost for 8 months turned in! Yet...I haven't heard from him. I've checked everywhere I think I can, but with no luck in finding you.

I've already gone through Spring Break without pictures and now am realizing that graduation and Mother's Day is almost here. We can't go without pictures from those festivities next, I'm afraid I have to replace you. :( Wish I had a coupon for this purchase!