Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ordinary Saturday

After a long week I was able to sleep-in today! A little too late, but oh well. I did my normal Saturday chore (laundry), made us a pizza for lunch, and relaxed with Brendan. I really didn't have much on my agenda today, but I did want to put together Christa's and Mr. Bob's birthday gifts. I picked up Christa a little something this week hoping to pair it with some items I had here at the house. I don't want to give away what she's getting, but I will say that I'm pretty happy with it. I can't believe she's already turning 22 years old! Feels like it was just yesterday when I met her when Brendan took me home for the first time. She was a sophomore in high school! I truly have the sweetest sister-in-law a girl could ask for.

After I chatted with Mrs. Charmaine I had a good idea for what we could give Mr. Bob. And again...I don't want to give it away, but let's just say I love getting a good deal! With a sale and coupon and girl can get a bargain! I hope we're able to go next weekend for a quick birthday visit and see Mr. Bob and Mrs. Charmaine. I know I say it often, but God truly blessed me with the most outstanding in-laws! I couldn't have picked better ones! I said earlier, it wasn't a real eventful day, but it was a nice one. I even put another outfit together from clothes I haven't been able to wear comfortably in nearly two years! Now I'm off to plan our meals for the week, read some more of Cindy Colley's Women of Troubled Times (amazing book by the way!) and then off to bed.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A New Pair of Shoes

Today finally brought the work week to an end. Whew! I always have a difficult time going back to work after a break. The week started off well. One of my kiddos did come back with more of an attitude problem than he normally has. However, a very interesting thing happened with him Thursday morning.

After dealing with his attitude Monday through Wednesday I was VERY close to loosing my cool with him. Wednesday afternoon when it was almost time to go home he had even rolled his eyes (which isn't new), huffed, turned his back to me and stomped away WHILE I WAS STILL TALKING TO HIM! I didn't allow myself to send him to the office then because I was really upset. (I try to not send them with I'm feeling that way.) Anyway, Thursday morning he had started his normal routine of huffing, moaning, and rolling his eyes at me. By the third occurrence at 9am I decided I needed to see if a good paddling would help, so I sent him to the office.

Thankfully our principal was able to talk to him and discipline him. However, the next thing he did is what REALLY made my day (and the rest of the week!)

When my student came back from seeing him we talked about what happened. I was interested to hear what happened because for the first time in a long time this child seemed as if his attitude had actually improved!

After he told me that he was in fact paddled and apologized for being disrespectful I asked him about some new shoes he was now wearing. He went on to tell me that our principal had given them to him! Trust me when I say that this kid had been lacking a good pair of shoes for a while.
We then talked about how nice they were and how he could take care of them so they would stay that nice.

Throughout the rest of the day and on into today he showed a better attitude and I truly believe it was because he had something he felt proud of. I even spotted him wetting toilet paper with water in the bathroom after P.E. and cleaning the dirt off of them!

I've always believed that children will learn more when their needs are meet; I just never thought that a simple thing like a pair of shoes would be it! I know this seems like a silly topic to write about, but I feel like this is going to be one of the those stories that will stay with me for a long time.

Guess I leave it at that. Or would you like to hear my rant about the mom who did her 2nd grade son's homework? Nah...never mind. Thanks for reading.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Break 2009

I've been on my Spring Break this entire week. It SURE has been nice. I was hoping to spend time with girl friends, get some organizing and cleaning done, and just recoup from a long March and early April!

Well...I got the garage organized and the house clean enough. I even got my winter clothes and spring/summer clothes swapped out while getting my clothes together for the clothes swap at work! And I can't forget about trying on old clothes to find out that they fit again! However, I didn't get to have a day with all my girl friends. :( Things had to change due to our church family loosing a long time member and former elder late last night.

I was able to have Mandi over last night after church for some Girl Scout cookies. She was able to come back over today too! We spent a nice time outside with Audrey (our Golden Retriever), cooked dinner together, and made smoothies! We finished the evening sitting on the front porch in the rocking chairs. :)

Tomorrow I'm going on an unexpected trip to Montgomery to see April! It'll be nice to spend some time with her! We haven't gotten to see one another since early February! We're going to pick out baby shower invitations for her!

With that said...I should get to sleep!

Hope to keep these short little posts going!

Trying this again...

I always love reading friends blogs. A few months ago I even tried to start my own. However, I just felt...well, like I didn't have the time to do this like I wanted. I'm now at a point where I THINK I MIGHT be able to do this for myself. I've never been good with words, but I hope that wont stop me from letting family and dear friends know how we're doing down here in south Alabama.