Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pregnancy Weeks 19-23

The weekend that we started week 19 we also had a "See You Later" party for our good friends Mookie and Mariah. They were moving to Indiana to be closer to Mariah's family. They too are pregnant and are due about 4 weeks after us. While at their party we also spent time with our college friends Jeff and Jenn Hubbard. We've only seen them a hand full of times since we were all married so this was a special treat. And believe it or not...they are expecting a little girl about a month before Katie Brooke is to arrive.
All of Us! The Chances', Madaris', Hubbards', and Blalocks'

College Buddies
Me, Jess, Mandi, and Jenn

Earlier in the day before going to their party I visited the neurologist my OB referred me to. He put me on a preventive medicine. The only side effect I'm not happy about is excessive weight gain. He actually said he didn't usually put women on this medicine, but since I was already going to be gaining weight, I shouldn't be to upset about it. :(
The following weekend we made a quick trip to Prattville to spend time with my in-laws, including my sister-in-law, the newly engaged Christa and Ryan! We had a great visit and even found Christa's wedding gown!!! The sweet couple will be married Oct. 9th later on this year!
20 Weeks Half Way There!!!
The following Thursday evening, when I was 20 1/2 weeks pregnant I came home with a migraine. I went to sleep as soon as I came home hoping to wake up feeling better, but was totally surprised. I started vomiting and couldn't stop. We ended up in the ER upon my OB's advice. I stayed there till about 2 am on fluids, but still vomiting. Back at home I took it very slowly and missed out on a huge snow day. Needless to say that our Valentine's Day wasn't too special...but I was grateful for all Brendan did to take care of me.
21 Weeks Happy Valentine's Day!
The following Thursday when we were 21 1/2 weeks we had another ultra sound. She had grown so much in just the 4 weeks that had past. This time she was a bit more uncooperative and wanted to stay curled up a lot more so I was happy that we had found out she in fact was a she the month before! At this appointment I was discouraged about my weight. I had gained just over twice as much in the last four weeks than I had the previous weeks. The dr. isn't concerned since I've still only gained half of the recommended weight and am half way through the whole we will see.
21 Weeks 6 Days at Emily's Family Baby Shower
I finished this stretch by going to my first consignment sale. I couldn't help but by a few little things for my little one. :)22 Weeks!

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