Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pregnancy Weeks 14-18

Entering the second trimester also brought the year 2010. We enjoyed our annual game night with friends from church. With my energy still not up to par for staying up SUPER late I was struggling around 10:30, but after being asked to play some Bananagrams I was wide awake and was able to bring in the new year like we've done for the past five years, in prayer.
Corn chips were still a favorite snack of mine. My students had gotten pretty use to me sneaking a few while we swapped center during reading. :) My weight gain had been great. I had gained just the right amount.
Week 15
On January 10th, when I was 16 weeks I had a fluttering feeling in my stomach while getting ready for church. I wasn't for sure, but thought it might be me feeling our baby. Within the next few weeks I thought I felt it again. Brendan came over to give it a shot and sure enough...we BOTH felt her move. We were around 18 1/2 weeks pregnant when this happened.
When we were 16 1/2 weeks we had scheduled to have a gender scan ultra sound. We really didn't mind what the gender was. Most thought it was a boy, some thought it was a girl, I had a feeling that it was a boy-but wasn't ever convinced it wasn't a girl. I had let my students take a vote. The girls thought it was a girl and the boys thought it was a boy. We were never able to come to a decision on names, especially a boys name. We always said that once we knew what Baby Chance was we would be able to name them. So, on the morning of January 14th we were overjoyed to find out that it in fact was a GIRL!

We spent the day together registering at Babies R Us and buying the first girl outfits at Kohls. By mid afternoon we made a special phone call to some of our dearest friends...the Strunks.
As many of you know they lost their daughter, Katie, in a tornado on March 1st, 2007. Katie was one of our teens in the youth group Brendan worked with at College Avenue church of Christ. We were all very much affected by this tragedy. Probably the biggest way we were affected was realizing how important Brendan's job is in ministering to teens. In the days after Katie's death we were constantly with the Strunks. On of these days Kathy, Katie's mom, had said that one day she wanted someone to name their little girl after hers. This stuck with Brendan. For the past almost three years he had said that if we had a little girl he wanted to name her after Katie. So...when we called Dirk and Kathy that afternoon we shared with them the news that we were having a little girl and we asked for their permission to name her after their Katie. Their response was one I'll ever forget.
Now for her middle name we were stuck for some time. We knew we wanted a one syllable name that would flow with Katie. We plan to call her by both first and middle so she can have her own identity and so others wont automatically think of Katie Strunk when they say her name. We plan on sharing the details of the young lady she's named after when she's older. Till then if she asks we'll tell her she's named after someone very special who lived for God and brought much happiness to many people.
Over the MLK, Jr. weekend we were with the youth group for our Winter Retreat. We enjoyed a good time at the 4-H center. This was the first weekend I started loosing my all day nausea and even ate two cookies! I was overjoyed that my sweet tooth was coming back. :)

The following weekend when I was 18 weeks pregnant I traveled to Murfressboro, Tennessee for my big sister Emily's baby shower. She was pregnant with my first niece and due to deliver March 21st. We had a great weekend together, but I was starting to feel that traveling wasn't something I would be doing much longer.
My sisters, Mom, Emily's mother-in-law, and me!

18 Weeks

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