Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pregnancy Weeks 24-27

The end of week 24 brought another trip out of town with the youth group. We were heading to the SOAR Youth Rally in Augusta, Georgia. This was by far the longest trip I had taken since all of our driving during the holidays. My migraines were better by this point, however I started having swelling issues while on this trip. Work was also very stressful during this time due to one of my co-workers being on maternity leave. Let's just say for a few weeks I felt as though I was teaching two classes. By my next appointment my blood pressure was elevated and yet again my weight gain was over the top. :(

Happy 26 Weeks

The following week when I was 26 weeks we were anxiously awaiting the call from my sister that she was in labor. Tuesday morning, two days after her expected due date, I received a text from her that she had started contracting during the night. I spent the rest of the day in constant contact with my brother-in-law through text messages. By that afternoon after I had lined up a sub for the rest of the week, Brendan and I headed to Murfressboro (against my OB's recommendation). She felt that I shouldn't travel more than two hours away from home due to my elevated BP and swelling issues. We arrived around 12:30am on Wednesday. Em was doing great and if everything progressed as it had, we were expecting her to start pushing around 5-6am. So...we headed to their house just a few minutes away from the hospital for a few hours of sleep. However, soon after we fell asleep we got the call that she was ready to push! We threw ourselves together and headed back up there around 3:15 or so. At 4:03 am my niece JuliAnn Evie was born!
Uncle Brendan and Aunt Jenny with JuliAnn

Brendan and I were able to stay till Thursday afternoon and then headed back home. Over the weekend Brendan headed to Auburn to spend some time with his dad and I spent Saturday with new friends Kelly and Rob who recently moved to Enterprise and are expecting their first baby in early October. We had fun shopping for baby things at our local arts and crafts festival and even browsed through our adorable boutique. I found a great Auburn outfit for Katie Brooke for next season and her Christmas dress for this year. I'm so excited about dressing our little girl! During the 27th week of my pregnancy we were giving standardized tests at work. I knew I would have to be on my feet more than I had been and did my best with it. Of course I swelled, but the worst thing about this week was the respiratory problems I was having. I thought I was just having sinus trouble that was developing into a respiratory infection. Once I made it to the doctor that Thursday he diagnosed me with bronchitis, but said if we were able to do an x-ray I'd probably end up with a diagnoses of pneumonia. Needless to say I was, yet again, under the weather for several days. By that Saturday I did go with Brendan to take the furniture from the soon-to-be nursery to his parents' house in Prattville. We had the crib for over a month...but it was still in the box waiting for the room to be cleared out.

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